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Lockdown Life and the Artists Support Pledge

Lockdown Life and the Artists Support Pledge


I hope this finds you all well and coping Ok with lockdown lilfe,  we are all doing well here, keeping busy with work and home schooling the kids.

I wanted to let you know about a couple of things, the first is the Artists Support Pledge. This initiative was set up by artist Matthew Burrows and the idea is simple, as an artist/maker I offer work for sale at £200 and under and pledge that when I have made £1000 in sales I will buy another artists work. Of course you do not need to be an artist to buy through the pledge, it's open to anyone! read more about it here. It's happening on Instagram and if you search the #artistsupportpledge over there you will see all the work availble.

Below are some of the pieces I have available though the pledge, some are on my website and some not, if you see anything that you are interested in purchasing but can't find it on my site send me an email, I have not had time to get all of my newer pieces online yet.  I have aleady sold a few pieces this way and have my eye of some beautful prints that I plan to buy when I get to £1000!

One more thing that I want to tell you about is the Crosstown Collecitive, they are a group of independant food companies who have banded together to create food boxes for delivery. We have had a couple and they are great but what I really wanted to share is that you can donate donuts to hospitals through them, I have dontated a couple of boxes to Homerton, our local hospital where all my children were born and spend time in the NICU and SCBU, and I love the idea of a big box of donuts arriving for all the hardworking hospital staff to help cheer them all up in what must be such a difficult time for them.

That's it from me for now, please all stay safe and well,

Naomi x