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Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Hi, I hope you have all had a good summer with some time off to relax with your friends and family. We have had a lovely break and now the kids are back at school I am turning my mind back to jewellelry.

I started off with a visit to Interational Jewellery London, a big jewellery trade show held every September. You can find all aspects of the jewellery trade here from gemstones and made jewellery to packaging and display items. I was after some interesting stones and I found some that I love.

I also had a shoot with a model, it's so important when selling jewellery online to be able to show how pieces look on, and while I can shoot rings on my hand, my earring and necklace selfies are just not good enough. We shot on Monday and I have finally made my edit, I can't wait to get the finished shots back from the photographer so I can share them with you all, in the meantime here are some shots from the day.

If you'd like to see more of my jewellery you can come and see me in person on Sunday 15th September in Brixton Village, I'll be popping up there with the Assembly Market for one day only and I would love to see you there.  If you can't make it you can always head over to my website, I'm adding new pieces when I can.